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Applicants should have at least a degree or diploma in one of the areas - IT, ICT Sector, design, film, video production, animation, motion graphics, art or design. Applicants with working experience in the areas of relevance mentioned above are preferred. Those with relevant experience but without qualification may be granted special admission based on proficiency assessment results and portfolio review (interview). The portfolio review will be conducted immediately after the proficiency assessment on the same day.


Interested parties can apply online at:

Please be sure to select Specialist Diploma in Visual Effects in the course box.

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If you are interested in this course, please contact:

Mr. Leong Chee Loong
(Course Co-ordinator)
Email: leong_chee_loong@nyp.edu.sg

You can also contact PDC hotline :6550 0555 or Email: nyp_pdc@nyp.edu.sg

Or call our general enquiry hotline (6550-1700) and leave us your contact details.
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